Dec 8th TW APTG network attacked

Our APTG network provider is under DDOS attack since Dec 7, the NOC is trying to filter the DDOS traffic, but the attack still affecting some of our services.

You may having trouble to access some of our TW nodes, please try switch to another one when it failed.

Dec 1st New JP node online

We've enabled another newly node in JP with 1000Gbps shared port.

The node is ready for Cisco IPSec/IKEv2 and WebVPN, you can choose and use the newly network.

Nov 28th IKEv2/SSTP domain updated

The newly domain for IKEv2/SSTP servers have updated the latest SSL certificate, and are all ready to work.

Please use the latest IKEv2/SSTP servers address if you want to use these methods.

Nov 21st Black Friday Deals

It is time for Black Friday! This year we have some special offers with up to 50% off for LIFE. These offers will valid until November 30, 2018. Available while stock lasts so first come, first served! Use the coupon TLTV4023YO to get 40% off recurring Standard and Express Service with annual payments.Use the coupon TVUNAVRQ74 to get 30% off ... Read More »

Nov 20th Hijacked domain updated

Due to the latest domain hijack, we've updated IKEv1/Shadowsocks server address domain.
Please check the latest address on website if you are using IKEv1/ShadowSocks/SSTP.

IKEv2/SSTP would be back when we get new SSL certificate for these new domains.

Nov 20th IKEv1/v2 Shadowsocks SSTP domain hijacked in China

We just get alert that our IKEv1/v2 Shadowsocks SSTP servers domains are DNS hijacked in China.
You may not able to get the correct server address in China.

We are working to replace these servers address soon.

Oct 31st V4 APP bug fix release

A big problem been fixed, reported by client when last version released.

The app can working well with IKEv1/v2 now.

Please download and use the lastest one.

Oct 30th VTR V4 client for windows updated

We've released the latest V4 app for windows.
Optimized the function which working in China, and updated OpenVPN method with Stealth support, you can enjoy OpenVPN in China now.
Will update more OpenVPN stealth servers near soon, and is good for foreign trading business.

Oct 22nd More Dynamic PPTP/L2TP online in Taiwan

We've released more dynamic servers for PPTP/L2TP in Taiwan.

Great for Asian areas.

Have fun.

Oct 16th Auth failure issue fixed

There is something wrong with our RAS server located with Leaseweb.
Result to some failure to connect PPTP/L2TP, we've fixed the issue, and all is up.

Sorry for the troubles.

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