ShadowSocks Service


Shadowsocks is a kind of Sock5/http proxy service, which can be used in all systems like Windows,Macos,Linux,iOS as well as Android. The Socks5/http proxy can be setup in your system or apps easily to bypass the firewall restriction. SSR is an advanced plugin which offer traffic and data obuscation, with which the proxy can be real anonymous and unidentified in the network, has better bypass performance and better speed in China.

China Optimized Asian Europe and USA servers, full of network capacity, enhanced China telecom CN2 network, better speed in China.

Traffic amount limited, avoid long time high network bandwidth occupy, and affects the overall performance, better share use of the networks.

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Support iOS,Android

Support Windows,MacOS,Linux

Traffic obuscated, Secure/Stable

Unlimited connections

Unlimited devices

Unmetred network speed


Service Biling Circle Cost Order
10G Service Monthly $1.5 USD Order Today
50G Service Monthly $3 USD Order Today
100G Service Monthly $6 USD Order Today
200G Service Monthly $9 USD Order Today
500G Service Monthly $17 USD Order Today
1000G Service Monthly $27 USD Order Today

Best for

Oversea business:Stable connection, stable business

Foreign purchase:Amazon,eBay, Drugstore,Diapers

Games/Movies:PS4,Xbox,Steam gaming. HD Youtube, Netflix and Twitch

Social networks:Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Scientific research:Google Scholar, Amazon A9, Github, Stack OverFlow, Reddit

All package including:


The latest advanced encryption algorithm, secure data and better traffic speed

Split traffic and Speeder technology

Split traffic with PAC or ip identify, good local network speed when proxy online, FinalSpeed technology make full use of your network capacity.

SS and SSR

Original and SSR mode supported, Origianl is faster and SSR is more secure, you can choose as you wish to bypass your network.

UDP+TCP Supported

UDP and TCP tunnel supported, online game is not a problem anymore.